Press about Astonia

March 19th, 2002

The Crisis is Over

Are the other MMORPGs out there just becoming too bland and overrated? Intent Software's Astonia 3 may hold the key to solving your woes.

Intent Software's first product, Astonia 3, is an online fantasy role playing game, where the player travels all over a huge medieval-fantasy world in the character of a mage or a warrior to encounter innumerous adventures and fulfill increasingly challenging quests.

You enter the Empire of Astonia whose very existence is threatened by the attacks of creatures from the Underworld. On their journey through Astonia you come upon knights and magicians, you visit castles and cities. You cross magical underworlds and fight monsters and demons... oh my!

Your task, however, is to identify the origin of the menace to the Empire and save Astonia from annihilation. Each of you players can decide to either complete this mission by yourself, or to join a clan and explore the land of Astonia in collaboration with other friends, or complete strangers for that matter.

Achievements are rewarded by experience points that allow you to enhance your individual attributes and skills and thus create a very specific personal character.

Astonia 3 already has several thousand players worldwide, the game's official language is English and you can download the game for free ( and try it out for 28 days. After the test period, you can choose to subscribe to the service for US $9.95 a month in order to continue playing or call it quits. The subscription fee can be paid by check or credit card.

Colin Wilson
Is thoroughly confused.