What is it?

SOCKS is a protocol used between applications and routers to get past a firewall. Astonia 3 supports SOCKS version 4 (without Name Server lookups). Please check the manual of your firewall/router to see if it supports SOCKS, and how to enable it.

MOAC.EXE command line switches

To use SOCKS with Astonia 3, you have to create a new link to the game client executable (moac.exe, usually found in c:\program files\astonia 3). Open the game folder, right-click on moac.exe and choose "Create Shortcut". Then right-click on the newly created link, and choose "Properties".

This will display a small window which allows you to edit the command line. It will read like this:

"c:\program files\astonia 3\moac.exe"

You'll have to edit it to:

"c:\program files\astonia 3\moac.exe" -y -x

Use the quotes exactly as shown and change to the address of your SOCKS-capable router/firewall.

The above is the standard configuration, the full list of switches for SOCKS support is:

-y (IP address of socks server)
-x (skip the auto-update, the updater doesn't work with socks yet)
-z 1080 (socks port, defaults to 1080)
-h astonia (socks user id, defaults to astonia)