Scamming/Hacking/Stealing Rules

Disputed Account Ownership

If an account has never been paid from within the account, there is no way to tell who it belongs to. Any request to return such an account will be denied. Be aware that this includes accounts which have solely been paid for with the "pay for other account" option.

A paid account will be given to the player who can provide details about the payments for the account. This includes, but is not limited to, credit card numbers, check numbers, paypal IDs. If several players can give such details, the player who knows the first (earliest) payment gets the account. If several players have the same knowledge about the payment history the account will be deleted.

Stolen Accounts

If an account was stolen the owner of the account must establish his ownership by providing details about the first payment from within the account (see above for details). This payment must be beyond the usual chargeback timeframe of three months.

If ownership can be established, the owner will get the account back. No items, experience or karma will be returned or removed. The offender will be banned from the game.

Only one such request per year per customer will be processed.


If a scam can be proven beyond reasonable doubt the offender will be punished. Severity of punishment depends on the worth of the stolen goods. No items or money will be returned or replaced.

No scam reports from unpaid accounts will be processed. Any scam that could have been prevented by the use of a trader will be ignored (Traders are NPCs which are named "Trader" and will act as automated middlemen in deals between players). This includes, but is not limited to, any item that has been put on the ground.