Quick Start


In order to play, you have to create an account. With one account, you can create a large number of characters. However, you will only be able to be online with one of these characters at the time. An account consists of a Account ID and a password. These two pieces of information allow anyone who has them to play your characters. Keeping your password secret is therefore of utmost importance. Additionally, you will have to give each character a name. To create your account, click on "Create Account" and follow the instructions there. You will be able to create a free test account. With the test account, you can play the game for 28 days; after the free test period you will have to subscribe to our service if you want to continue playing.

Download and Install

After creating your account, you will get to the download. It is about 32MB in size, so it shouldn't take more than 90 minutes on a fast modem. After you've downloaded the program (called client), you'll have to install it. Just double-click (start) the file you've downloaded and follow the instructions.


The client screen is divided into five parts:

1. Map
This area shows the actual game - your character, other characters, the landscape, etc.

2. Equipment
The slots shown here indicate your equipment. This includes your weapons, your armor and everything else you wear.

3. Chat
In this window you will see what other characters say to you, and you will be able to follow the general chat.

4. Stats
This list shows your stats - your attributes, your skills and spells. If you're in shop-mode, it will show the contents of the shop instead. The same goes for loot-mode.

5. Inventory
This is your backpack. It contains all the items you're carrying with you, but which you are not using at the moment.


When you enter the game for the first time, you will see help windows popping up. They will explain the basics of the game to you. You will learn how to walk, talk, shop, fight and many other things.

Nevertheless, we will explain the very essentials of the game here:

To walk, move your cursor to the place where you’d like to go, then LEFT CLICK on your destination.

Everything you hear and say is displayed in the chat window, at the bottom of your screen. To talk to a character standing next to you, just type what you’d like to say and hit ENTER. To say something in the general chat channel which will be heard by all other players, type: /c2 <your message> and hit ENTER. Use the PAGE_UP, PAGE_DOWN keys on your keyboard to scroll the chat window up and down.

To attack somebody, put your cursor over the character you’d like to attack, and then hit CTRL+LEFT CLICK.

Looking at characters
To look at a character, put your cursor over the character, and hit CTRL+RIGHT CLICK.

Looking at items
To look at an item, put your cursor over the character, and hit SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK.

Using/Picking up items, looting bodies
To use or pick up items, put your cursor over the item and hit SHIFT+LEFT CLICK. To give an item to another character, take the item by using SHIFT/LEFT CLICK, then pull it over the other character and hit CTRL+LEFT CLICK. To loot the corpses of slain enemies put your cursor over the body and hit SHIFT+LEFT CLICK.

Casting spells
To use a spell hit ALT and the corresponding number of the spell that appears on your screen. If you are a warrior, hit ALT 8 to use Warcry.

In your stats/skills window (bottom-left of your screen) you see red/blue lines below your skills. Blue indicates that you have enough experience points to raise the skill, red indicates that you don’t have enough experience. To raise a skill, click on the blue orb next to the skill.

In-game help
If you need help while playing the game, press F11 to access our help menu. You can also type: /help to see a listing of in-game commands you can use.

Leaving the game
To leave the game step on a blue square area and hit F12. You can also hit F12 anywhere else in the game, but your character will stay in that same position for five minutes and risks being attacked.

First Quest
Your first quest will be to find Lydia, the daughter of Gwendylon the mage. She will ask you to find a potion which was stolen the night before. Lydia lives in the grey tower opposite to the fortress (the place where you arrived).