Laws, Rules and Regulations

Social Behavior

Remember that this is a game all of us are playing to have fun. Try not to spoil it. Any player caught misleading other players or scamming them out of their gear or money will be severely punished or even banned.


The game language is English. Please speak English while you're playing. Talking in another language is only acceptable when everyone involved knows that language. Only English is allowed on the public chat channels.


We reserve the right to cancel any account at any time for any reason. It is your responsibility to store your account in a safe place. If someone steals or messes with your account, you're still responsible. If you manage to lose your account, it is lost. If you lose your password, the only thing we can do is send it to your account's e-mail address. If that e-mail address turns out to be wrong or doesn't exist, there is nothing more we can do for you.


Members of Admin can be recognized by their name being in capital letters (ie. "COLOMAN" is a member of Admin, "Coloman" is not).

Crime and Punishment

1. If one player finds a way to kill another player, and either of these players are:

  • a non-PvP (playerkiller) player
  • a clansmember not at feud with the other player's clan
  • a clansmember at war with the other player's clan, but killed by the other player outside clan areas

the offender shall receive severe punishment in the form of two deaths for each death that he has caused.

2. Should one player harass or verbally abuse (an)other player(s) in a manner deemed offensive, the offender shall be punished.

3. Using foul language shall be punished.

4. Using all capital letters in chat permanently and repeatedly shall be punished.

5. Fake shouting that is intended to harm, insult, or harmfully mislead (an)other player(s) shall be punished.

6. Using macros and/or afk (away from keyboard) training will be severely punished. If a player is approached by an Admin member or the macro daemon and does not respond coherently within five minutes, it will be assumed that the player is using a macro and/or is afk training, and the player will be punished.

7. Repetitive and intentional spamming shall be punished.

8. Disrespect towards an Admin member shall be punished.

9. Failure to comply with Admin instructions shall be punished.

10. Impersonation of an Admin member, or representing oneself in any capacity as an Admin member shall be punished severely.

11. Asking other players for their passwords, for whatever reasons, shall be punished most severely (instant lock/ban).

Table of Punishments:
Level Karma change Punishment
I -1 One fourth of a Death
II -2 One half of a Death
III -4 One full Death
IV -6 Two full Deaths
V -8 Loss of one full level
VI -12 Loss of character

All characters start with a karma of zero. There is no way to increase karma.

If the karma of a paying player's character falls below minus eleven (-11) as a result of a Level VI punishment, or after several less severe punishments, this character will be locked.

If the karma of a trial player's character falls below minus four (-4) this character will be locked.

If several characters from one player get locked due to punishments the whole account will be locked and the player banned.

Player Killing

Player killing (often called "PK") is an option which can be enabled (for now) by using the command /playerkiller. It can also be disabled with this command, provided you did not kill any other player yet or your last kill dates from four weeks previously. This same command can be used to check the time remaining until you can disable your PK status. You must be level 10 or above to become a PKer.

Once player-killer status is enabled, you'll be able to add other player-killers to your "hate list" by using the command /hate . You can only add players who are within three levels of your own. The players on your hate list are no longer protected from your attacks, which means, of course, that you can kill them. But be careful, for attacks and killings have an impact not only on your target, but also on everyone else within the range of your attack. This might include a player you added to your hate list three weeks ago but have since forgotten about.

Important commands for Player Killing:
/hate - add to your hate list
/nohate - remove from your hate list
/listhate - show all players on your hate list
/playerkiller - enable or disable PK