Club System


To found a club, go to Aston and talk to the Clubmaster. He will ask you for the name you want your clan to bear. You will need to have 10,000g on your character since the first weekly payment is deducted at once.
Note that in order to keep your club alive, you'll need to pay 10,000g per (realtime) week.


To keep your club alive, you'll have to provide it with a steady income. The maintenance fee for a club is 10,000g per week. To add money to your club, go to the clubmaster and say: deposit: <amount> (note the colon!).
You can check your club's treasure by typing /club. The club founder can withdraw money from the club's account with withdraw: <amount>.


To accept a new member, the club founder or a club leader and the new member need to pay a visit to the Clubmaster in Aston, where the club founder/leader must say: accept: <name of new member>. Then the new member must say: join: <name of leader>.
Any member can leave the club at any time by going to the Clubmaster and saying: leave! (the exclamation mark must be used too).
Club founder/leaders can fire any club member by going to the Clubmaster and saying: fire: <name of club member>.
The founder can assign new leaders using the command rank: <name> <rank>


Each club member has a rank within the clan. These are numbered 0 to 2.
The founder can change any memberís rank by telling the Clubmaster: rank: <name> <nr>. Note that rank 2 is the rank reserved for club founders. It cannot be assigned.
Rank 0 is the basic member, who has access to the club's chat channel but does not have any other rights.
Rank 1 is a Club Leader. He can recruit new members.
Rank 2 is the Club Founder. He can recruit new members, withdraw money from the club treasury and elect new leaders.


Each Club gets its own private chat channel (c13).