We would like to thank:

Mylady, Resrunu, Chojing, Temujin, Lancelot, Whitestar, Garar, Deannatroi, Zelkan, Moonslayer, Wolf, Warr, Tedkees, Rasta, Mithrandil, Mork, Scotia, Rhorun, Mira, Alanae, Beutguru, Loron, Adalbert, Deathwing, Ferret, Warspite, Unitoo, Seijiro, Dimples - for testing the game in its very early stages.

Tina Saavedra - for corrections/translations.

Malte S. Schloen - for his strategic consulting.

Paul C. Rode - for his encouraging remarks

Kathrin Kollmann - for story writing and corrections/translations.

Warr - for helping out with the website.

Zoetje - for everything. The game wouldn't be what it is without you!

Special thanks to Luis Royo for allowing us to use parts of his images at the top and the bottom of this website. The copyright for those parts is by Luis Royo/Represented by Norma Editorial.